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Before You Purchase HCG Shots

Everything you should know before you purchase hcg shots
Purchase HCG Shots

When it comes right down to it, my philosophy is that no matter where or who you decide to purchase hCG shots online with, Safety above all else is paramount.

Only Purchase US HCG

Purchase HCG Shots Online from a US Based Clinic
Purchase hCG injections online from a US based, legitimately registered clinic. This is the number one most important item. When you purchase hcg shots from a clinic in the US, you get the full backing of a State Board of Pharmacy that keeps track of the medications offered through US based clinics. This ensures the pharmacist compounding your hCG is qualified, attended a proper School of Pharmacy and holds current state backed credentials.

HCG Prescription Required

Make Sure to Buy Prescription HCG Shots
If no prescription is required to purchase hCG shots, then typically it's either not real hCG, not safe, or from an overseas source (likely China or India). This is just as important as buying from a legitimate US based pharmacy. This is your body we're talking about here. Do you really want to inject yourself with something that came from 'who knows where?'.

Don't Purchase Cheap HCG

If It's Too Good To Be True...

Like the old saying goes 'If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is'. ALERT ALERT, Something is wrong. Purchasing hCG shots online is no different than anything else. Would you go to the dollar store and expect to find a Sony flat screen TV? Ferreting out real hCG from bogus is usually pretty easy with a glance at prices. If prices are way too low and out of line with the few remaining legitimate online hCG outfits then it's probably from China or India.

The average cost for a single round of HCG is $275

Medical Provider Required

Where's the Doctor?
Choose an outfit that has a doctor on staff. These days all legitimate online hCG clinics have an in-house doctor, or an entire doctors network. Having a doctor and medical staff 'on-call' is pretty nice to have when your on the hCG diet if you run into questions and you need a doc. It is especially important if you ever ran into a serious health issue. This is a hormone you are injecting into your body.

Support and Supplies

Support Staff and Supplies are a Must!

Use hCG clinics that give support and supplies. If your juggling between the several different online hCG sources, this is a tipping point. Having a real phone number to call, online chat, and email with a real person is very nice to have. No need to guess or search google if you come up with questions while on the diet. Just speak directly to a clinic staff member. It's a good feeling knowing that people are there for you when you need it.

Lastly, I've seen a few online places to purchase hCG that don't offer supplies! Definitely make sure you are getting a kit to mix your hCG injections with. Having problems with a broken vial or faulty mixing supplies can halt your progress. The best clinic's offer fast support, and will overnight items to you if needed.

Final Thoughts

I want to stress these safety tips. There are two 'tiers' of places to purchase hCG shots online. Overseas sources are dangerous. Remember the fake Chinese infant formula? It just isn't worth the risk when we are talking about injections. The second 'tier' are the few remaining real hCG clinics that offer the aforementioned credentials and services. Be safe and good luck on your goals!